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1201 Burns Ave.

Lake Wales, FL 33853

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@2017 by Impact Church, Lake Wales, FL


UPDATE - So - concerning service on Sunday - March 22 & 29 - reflective of President Trump's "15 Days to Slow the Spread" appeal and the State of Florida's Executive order closing down a lot of venues and allowing 50% capacity in restaurants calling for gatherings of no more than 10...
I'm a bit conflicted - no surprise there.

We are a people of faith
We trust the Lord
We do not walk in fear of this virus
This executive order is not an affront to churches nor religious freedom specifically - there is no unjust cause combating us.

Not for the sake of the public's fear of the virus, but for the peace of mind of the community we serve, for wisdom and to show that we are in support of our governmental leaders, we will not be having "church as usual," at least for the next two weeks...We will be streaming Sunday morning live from the sanctuary, but it will not be typical.

Impact Church Folks - I am going to really encourage you to open up your homes in order to have "Home Church at Impact." Let us be people who will stream via Facebook Live our Sunday morning "unusual" service and invite friends/family/neighbors - up to 10 people - and have church together.